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» 9 DE JUNHO 2016

The Chenu brothers, Guillaume and Benoit aboard Pacemaker, with Jackson Safari as skipper from 9 to 12 June

June 9: Sao Pedro, 3 ... [plus]

» 6 DE JUNHO 2016

Mr. Cuvelier and Mr. Fonroques from June 6 to June 10 on our Bertram, Stuart Simpson was the skipper.

June 6: north of Sao Vicent... [plus]

» 3 DE JUNHO 2016

The Roger Sutherland's team on "Nha Cretcheu" with Stuart Simpson as skipper from May 29 to June 3

May 29: we go straight to S&at... [plus]

» 27 DE MAIO 2016 (2)

Schwarz family (father, son and daughter) on the Pacemaker 40', with Tara Thompson as skipper, Fabio and Ja as liner, from 23 May to 27.<... [plus]

» 27 DE MAIO 2016

Adam Webb on Bertram with Stuart Simpson as skipper, Steve Jackson and Safari Web as liner, from May 23 to 27

First day: The boat... [plus]

» 22 DE MAIO 2016 (2)

Fishing trip Cabo Verde May 2016

Rick Zeedijk and I left to Lisbon on Thursday 12th May, where we stayed one night. The next day ... [plus]

» 22 DE MAIO 2016

Frans Van Oss and Rick Zeedijk on our Bertram (with Stuart Simpson as Skipper, Steeve Webb and Jackson Safari as Liners)
... [plus]

» 16 DE MAIO 2016

Dominique and Michel regular curtomers, with the Bertram and Stuart Simpson as skipper.

First day in Sao Pedro, 2 blue marlin cau... [plus]

» 9 DE MAIO 2016

The couple Leparq, two nice customers, on the Pacemaker 40 with Tara Thompson as skipper.

The first day in Sao Pedro, 3 marlins c... [plus]

» 6 DE MAIO 2016

Dimeu just finished a 4 day trip fishing with Fred and Mitchell from Belgium fishing off of San Pedro bank.

The first day started... [plus]

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